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Maintaining a clean roof is vital for the structural safety and presentation of your property. 

Roof cleaning benefits your entire property, and stopping all moss and lichen growth before it becomes a major problem will save you time, money and unnecessary stress.

As well as adding aesthetic value to your home,

Roof cleaning treatments are to protect and insulate your house, saving money on your heating bills and reducing your footprint.

Why clean your roof?

Moss and lichen build-up is the most common cause of roof damage,

The moss on your roof is growing on 20, 30 & 40 Years of dirt, once we clean the roof and remove the dirt,

The moss has now nothing to grow on giving your roof a beautiful clean slate.

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Why choose clean slate?

Everybody at Clean Slates is Employed and we do not use subcontractors

All our work is done from the outside, we do not take deposits; you only pay when the job is 100% completed and you are over the moon.

Get in touch with Clean Slates today on 01332 318319 for an no-obligation quote to give your roof the clean slate treatment.

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